general | virgo today
When we're hungry and presented with a menu containing a plethora of options, even if we have no idea initially of what takes our fancy, we can at least narrow the possibilities down to a couple or a few. That's often the case with any options we're presented with. It can feel daunting and frustrating to see a vast array of them. But our heads and hearts can work together to whittle these down helpfully. Have faith in the process assisting you similarly now.
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love | virgo today
Matters of the heart need a deep level of authentic expression in some way now. If you're single, then you can feel the time is right to take something beyond flirtatious exchanges and allow somebody to receive a glimpse into the 'real you.' If you're attached, then self-improvement could be the name of the game. With you and a lover feeling better on the inside and outside, the confidence needed to reveal deep thoughts or feelings could emerge so much more easily.
health | virgo today
If you're involved in intense conversations, to help re-invigorate and restore your mind and body's balance, you take some outside exercise. A walk in the woods or on the beach provide a pleasant change of atmosphere which benefits your fitness; it's important to allow yourself an opportunity to recuperate.
money | virgo today
You are completely realistic when it comes to money matters, possessing good instincts for the right business decisions. This will give you the self-confidence you need to listen to your healthy gut feeling. You may find new business partners in this way who will soon be very grateful to you. These contacts could be useful in future.
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